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 Sue Fox

What happens to us when ‘Life’ doesn’t work for us anymore?  What happens when our quality of life subtly takes an emotional nose dive and we haven’t got a clue why?  What happens when you sense there is a huge gap in your being and you don’t know how to make it better?  And, of course there are many more questions than these and life can seem a lifetime of bewilderment!

However, I see life as a journey with all its stumbles and frailties, but I also see it as an enormous potential for human growth.  There are of course, many answers  to life and counselling offers an opportunity to explore the ‘why’; a walk in the dark, a leap of faith and a light at the end of the tunnel, a pathway to emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

My journey into counselling started in the 1990’s when I initially trained in Psychodynamic Counselling.  I have worked in both a voluntary and a paid capacity contracted to social services.  I have worked closely with unemployed people enabling them to return to the job market and supported students with disabilities.  Beyond this, my life’s journey has taken me into the field of teaching and training where I have taught counselling skills for a number of years and have taught a multitude of subjects in the health and social care sector for those working alongside adults with learning disabilities.

At present, I work in private practice at the ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre’ in Old Town, Swindon.  I find the Centre a warm and welcoming place where clients can feel comfortable and feel safe enough to explore a deeper awareness and the depth of their difficulties.

Natalie Young

I became interested in hypnotherapy after being awarded my honours degree in Psychology through the Open University. My degree was heavily focussed on research studies looking at large populations of people but being completely honest about it, I was more interested in helping individuals. I first discovered hypnotherapy when I was reading about Sigmund Freud for my degree and I was immediately fascinated by the idea of the unconscious mind. Whether the unconscious mind exists is a question that has puzzled psychologists for years, but regardless, the successes I’d seen people obtaining with hypnotherapy looked promising. Training with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, one of only 4 schools in the UK to be accredited by UKCP, I learned integrative hypnotherapy, a much more modern approach to that used by Sigmund Freud in the early 1900s!

Jo Turner

Relationship Therapist.

PG Dip. Mar. Th.  – Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London

Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy                      tel:          0777 318 6660                    email :

My name is Jo Turner and I welcome you to my page.   I have trained and qualified to offer psychotherapy/counselling support to individual and couples who are finding difficulties with their relationships.    Having completed a 6 year training in London and worked for the T.C.C.R. in a voluntary post, I now offer a confidential, safe and facilitating environment at The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre in Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire.

Relationships ebb and flow, they can be enormously rewarding and also hugely challenging and the reasons why we sometimes struggle with our relationships can be many.   Often they can be triggered by external factors, such as job loss, the birth of a child, illness, affairs, family pressure, financial difficulties, to name a few.  Problems can also arise internally and often gradually, as we sometimes ignore the warning signs, avoid talking and sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other.   Intimacy and sexual needs and desires can differ.

I help couples and individuals to try to express themselves, to gain insight into their current predicament.   Using my psychodynamic training, I encourage my clients to reflect on their unconscious and conscious behaviours and motivations.

We often wonder why we have found ourselves in a position – what did we do to make it so?   We often resort to blaming and projecting our difficult feelings onto others.   Our past experiences also play their part, our childhood upbringing, our own parents/guardians, our siblings and our family unit – we are often managing the complexities of many relationships in our lives.

The impact of our relationships can have a huge effect on others, particularly children and our close family and friends and sometimes we are not aware of how much.   Life is challenging and when we have difficulties in our relationships, we can maybe feel alone, resentful, angry, disappointed, ashamed or lacking in self-confidence.

Relationships mirror our behaviour, thoughts and feelings.    Taking a neutral position in a therapy session, I aim to observe and offer reflective and helpful comments to individuals and couples.

Time, space and neutrality.    With the busy world buzzing around us constantly, we often find little time for ourselves and our important relationships.  Taking time, sitting in the safe and confidential environment of the therapy room, which is neutral and non-judgemental we can start to focus on what matters most to us – relationships.

Jo Mildenhall

Hi, I’m Jo, and I am a Counsellor based within the Swindon Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre. I am an ‘integrative’ counsellor which means that I am trained in a number of different theories and practices in counselling and will use the best approach(es) for you.

Coming for counselling can be a scary prospect; it can take a great deal of courage to even make contact with a counsellor let alone actually come for the sessions. Clients tell me that prior to having counselling they had questions in their mind such as; ‘what will it be like?’ and ‘will the counsellor make me tell them my inner most secrets?’.

My role is not to make you say or disclose anything that you don’t want to. My ethical working practice is to work with what you do say and at a level and pace suited to you.

In terms of ‘what is it like?’ well, generally speaking both client and counsellor sit in a comfortable room (not a chaise longue in sight!) in which you don’t have to worry about being overheard. It’s a safe space where you can talk about whatever is on your mind, in confidence. The role of the counsellor is to listen and hear what you are saying and offer anything they notice about what you are saying, without judgement. The aim is that together we can make sense of the things that you discuss, hopefully bringing about insight and understanding thus allowing you to move forwards positively and live life more satisfyingly.

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to say what we’re thinking or feeling, so alternatives to talking include working creatively; using the arts for example.

I offer counselling for adults for a variety of life experiences such as work-related stress, life stress, bullying, low self-esteem and feeling ‘stuck’ in life.

I specialise in trauma therapy and in particular offer counselling to the emergency services – police, fire and ambulance and other ‘frontline’ workers who have dealt with or attended the scene of a traumatic/ critical incident, as my background is working frontline within the emergency services. I also offer counselling to those who may have witnessed first-hand or via another person, a traumatic incident such as a bank raid, assault, or collision, for example.

I am a registered counsellor with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I hold a Professional Diploma in Counselling and have a Master’s Degree in Trauma Studies (Psychology). I am also registered with the HCPC.

Chris Paul

Introducing Chris Paul of Creative Difference

I work as a counsellor and Life Coach at The Centre, working with adults, couples and young people. My approach will help you deal with any crisis or difficulty you are facing, while also looking beneath the surface to find out what it means for you. To do this we will explore how you feel, your responses to your feelings and how you can step beyond them to make effective choices.

I use creative methods to support you to explore your situation. Often thoughts and emotions can be confusing with no obvious cause or way to resolve them, or they may be so intense that they overwhelm you. Working together we will first tackle what is most difficult for you, then explore what lies beneath it so that it does not continue to trouble you or lead to another crisis.

I offer a free half hour telephone consultation to see if we can work effectively together. It’s important you feel comfortable with the counsellor you work with and talking first is a good way to find this out. You can also see what I’m like from the videos on my website.

If you want to find out more about me have a look at my website at, or call me on 07515 759 587.


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